WANTED: Performance Analyst, USA Rugby Women’s National Team

Reports to: Women’s XVs Head Coach


0ced140c-90ee-42bd-bbdc-e47e4154b39c.jpgThe Women’s National Team Performance Analyst has a primary role, under the guidance of the Senior Women’s XVs Head Coach, and working closely with the Associate HP Manager to deliver performance analysis and technical support across USA Rugby Women’s National programs, in particular the National Senior Women’s XVs Team.

The Women’s National Team Performance Analyst will provide technical and performance analysis services for the Senior Women’s XVs program. This shall include, but is not limited, to the arranging the filming and coding of practices, provision of tournament and match analysis for the Senior Women’s XVs team (including opposition analysis), supporting coaching and technical staff in the innovative preparation of presentations and reports, creation and maintenance of a statistical database of game and training data, and data analysis and technical support for the sports science staff in compiling and analyzing player tracking and medical data.


  • Film matches and/or training sessions as required and directed by the Team Coaches.
  • Arrange the filming of matches or tournaments for talent identification and tracking purposes.
  • Download and code recorded matches and/or training sessions for viewing and analysis.
  • Provide analysis of matches and training sessions recorded as required by the Team Coaches.
  • Provide analysis information, including statistical data, on player performance to the Team Coaches as required.
  • Provide opposition analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, with recommendations on strategies to prepare for the opposition based on that team.
  • Conduct trend analysis and conduct date-mining to identify trends in international women’s XVs rugby.
  • Support coaching and technical staff in the innovative preparation of reports and presentations.
  • Support the sports science department in compiling and analyzing player tracking data, medical data, etc.
  • Provide end of tournament, tour and event statistical reports for coaching staff.
  • Drive technological innovation and insight.
  • Research new or innovative technology that may add value to USA Rugby’s national programs.
  • Work collaboratively with the Associate Performance Director (or equivalent) to share best practices and to ensure the experiences of one program benefit all programs.
  • Manage performance analysis hardware and software, database management.
  • Maintain databases to include the following records and information:
  • Game and training library files.
  • Equipment and software license inventory records.


  • Strong oral and written communications skills.
  • Excellent organizational and planning skills.
  • Demonstrated experience working with performance analysis software.
  • Good knowledge of the game of rugby.
  • Active in research/professional development.
  • Ability to work independently without supervision but in accordance with documented policy and procedure guidelines.
  • Able to function well under pressure.
  • Proven experience and success in an elite sporting environment, preferably rugby.
  • Ability to work extended hours, including evenings and weekends, as the work schedule dictates.
  • Punctual, reliable and well-organized.



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