2017 Women's Rugby World CupThe second tournament day of the Women’s Rugby World Cup is here!

Our team has some family obligations today but we have one reporter on site and they will be reporting on USA vs Spain and France vs Australia LIVE.

The rest of the matches we will be updating as we can on Twitter.

USA vs Spain – 8:45am CST

8:45AM: Anthems are done and USA and Spain are ready!

USA roster

Spain roster

8:46AM: Just a few minutes in and USA is already tapping on Spain’s try line.

8:51AM: Tapper finds a sliver of space on the outside and powers over for USA. USA 7 ESP 0.

8:53AM: Scrum to USA, they’re being driven back…still issues with the scrum.

8:56AM: Teams trading penalties at the ruck, referee putting down her standards early here. ESP will take a shot at goal.

8:59AM: Patricia Garcia hits it from 35m but doesn’t quite have the leg. USA catches on the fly and Tapper drives it out.

9:02AM: More scrum issues, FK to Spain. They go quickly but USA steals.

9:05AM: “You know what options are available to me”. Referee with some strong words at the scrum.

9:07AM: A few penalties in a row and Spain is inside USA’s 30m.

9:08AM: Double whistle and the referee is going to have a chat with the captain of USA about issues at the tackle. They are under warning at the scrum and now the tackle.

9:09AM: Spain line out and they roll the mail but got disconnected and penalty to USA.

9:10AM: Kick doesn’t make it to touch and Spain begins their attack. HUGE tackle by Parsons of USA!

9:14AM: A knock on by USA and Spain has put together 5-6 phases. USA spoils again and a Parson tackle allows them to steal.

9:15AM: Spain hasn’t had much possession and when they do it’s a bit frantic. They haven’t settled into an attacking shape yet.

9:20AM: Kelter is a fierce distributor, she just slid Thomas a gorgeous pass and now they are on Spain’s 5m line.

9:22AM: Penalty to USA, Parsons marches it towards the line and Gray gets the glory as she slides over. USA 12 ESP 0.

9:26AM: USA collapse on the scrum and Spain goes quick. Parsons gets a card for a professional foul tackling before 10m.

9:30AM: Into extra time and Spain absolutely demolishes the USA scrum.

9:31AM: HT. USA manages to get the ball out and kicks it out. USA 12 ESP 0.

9:40AM: Spain kicks off the USA to start the second half. Early PK against USA and Spain kicks to touch.

9:41AM: Good throw but Spain jumper can’t gather it. USA begins the attack with their forwards.

9:42AM: Heavirland opts for space but Spain’s FB breaks the line on the return. They have numbers now…

9:43AM: Tapper penalized for a dangerous tackle and Spain moves closer to the goal line.

9:44AM: Spain throw isn’t straight and USA opt for a scrum. Interesting choice as they are backed up…

9:45AM: USA gets it out lickety-split and Gray has a blistering run to get them into the yellow zone.

9:46AM: USA is probing but Spain’s defense is holding strong. Points are so important in these matches, both teams need them.

9:47AM: A rare knock on by Kelter as she is hit from behind by P Garcia. Scrum to Spain.

9:50AM: USA moves the ball from one end to the other; Kelter dishes to Emba for a TRY (after evading 5 defenders)! USA 17 ESP 0.

9:53AM: A sweet little kick by Emba and Spain carried the ball over their line. 5m scrum to USA.

9:54AM: Continual issues at the scrum, this time the referee talks to Spain.

9:55PM: Tapper takes a short ball of the scrum and can’t quite make it. Kelter PICKED HER UP AND DROVE HER IN! Holy moly.

9:56AM: Kelter slots the conversion. USA 24 ESP 0.

9:57AM: USA was hunting for another one but Zackary knocks on. Spain cleared.

10:00AM: USA with a strong scrum (finally) and they drive Spain back.

10:03AM: About 19 mins to go and USA seems to be hitting their stride. Still USA 24 ESP 0.

10:04AM: Penalty try for USA! Spain took down a rolling maul in front of the line. USA 31 ESP 0.

10:05AM: With the new laws a PT is an automatic 7. USA 31 ESP 0.

10:08AM: Rogers of USA has been a very good impact sub.

10:09AM: Spain’s Echebarria is a sniper and slips through the line. Spain is inside USA’s 40m.

10:14AM: 9 minutes to go and Spain has had some attacking chances but possession still mainly with USA.

10:16AM: Another attack by Spain is foiled by a knock on. Scrum to USA.

10:18AM: Commentator getting a bit political, “USA trying to make rugby great again”. Let’s leave that off the pitch please!

10:20AM: Who else? Echebarria on the attack for Spain now.

10:21AM: Knocked on by Spain and USA has a scrum on their 22m. 3 mins to go.

10:23AM: 7s specialists for USA are the difference! Kelter with a little chip through and Javelet able to touch it down. USA 36 ESP 0.

10:26AM: FT. A smashing attack from the USA forwards and Rogers is over. USA 43 ESP 0.

France vs Australia – 1:45pm CST

Our mates rugby baby shower ran over so we are picking up our coverage in the second half. Hard to leave the lake party to celebrate baby Quincy but rugby calls!

2:50PM: France leads Australia 29-0…who would have predicted this? Not us and I doubt anyone else. We were predicting a very tight affair!

2:52PM: Second half has kicked off and Pelle is already over for France. Can Australia overcome 34 points? FRA 34 AUS 0.

3:00PM: A small break as a few players get some minor medical attention. FRA scrum continues to dominate and they are given another PK.

3:02PM: Mengaer of FRA takes a long pass from her own 40m and then backs herself for the TRY. FRA 41 AUS 0. 

3:06PM: TMO check on a dangerous tackle, #9 lifted AUS past horizontal. YC to Barker. Good call but very unfortunate for AUS.

3:10PM: Another call in from the TMO on AUS. #15 of AUS but just a PK this time. 

3:13PM: Another gorgeous maul by FRA, AUS has an initial push to defend but FRA rolls. They stay connected and get over the line. FRA 48 AUS 0.

3:26PM: Mignot had two consecutive calls for cynical play at the ruck. YC. FRA 48 AUS 0.

3:30PM: FT. France blanks Australia 48-0. 

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