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About Us

Your Scrumhalf Connection | Women's RugbyThis blog came about because I wanted to contribute to the sport that has given me so much. I started out reading as much on rugby as I could on Goffon Rugby, Planet Rugby and a few other blogs. I was always disappointed that there was very little to read about Women’s Rugby. So I began this blog on March 31, 2006 and haven’t stopped blogging since. I love the friends, networking and adventures I have been on while doing it, and I am always looking forward to the next adventure on or off the pitch!The us in the About Us is pretty simple…the blog has two main contributors currently (we are always looking for more, email me!). Wendy Young, editor and creator of Your Scrumhalf Connection and my partner, The Girl. The Girl is the constant inspiration and challenger of what this blog could be and will become. For more on the The Girl and who she is….read below!

Wendy Young | Your Scrumhalf Connection EditorAs for me personally, I have just recently retired from playing. My rugby career started at the University of Oklahoma in 2001. In 2006 I moved to play with the Austin Valkyries in Austin, TX. I have also played on several selectside teams over the years, West 7s, West U23 15s and West 15s. In 2007-2008 I was honored to be a member of the USA Women’s National Team pool. Retirement is hard, but my knees just couldn’t take the wear and tear anymore…so as of Fall 2011 I am retired!

Along with playing, I’ve always wanted to coach and so I have added that to my resume over the years. I helped coached several All Star Teams (TRU U23 & West U23 All Stars) and also consulted as a 7s specialist at the University of Texas & Backs specialist for the Austin Valkyries. I also became a certified referee in 2008 and most recently received a refereeing appointment at the USA Rugby National Collegiate Sevens Championships (2012) and as an Assistant Referee at the IRB Houston 7s (2013).

I loved everything about rugby and wanted to write about it…so this is my blog about rugby and some small parts of my life.

Note: The blog originally began as West Rugby Blog (http://westrugby.blogspot.com), but has since evolved to Your Scrumhalf Connection (http://scrumhalfconnection.com) which focuses on women’s rugby in the USA.

About “The Girl”

The Girl | Your Scrumhalf Connection PartnerThe Girl’s story…I started playing rugby in college at Texas A&M University (whoop!!!). For those of you who don’t know our story, Wendy and I were mortal enemies in college!! Both captains and officers of our rival clubs… it was a sight when we played against each other.

To make a long story short… call it fate, a full moon, opposites attract, what have you… we both moved to Austin and soon after became a duo on and off the field.

Wendy started this blog in May 2006 and I’ve been her silent partner working behind the scenes collecting stories, scores, pictures and videos. I’m a bit private and therefore have the title “The Girl”. Its kinda my alter ego :)

I hope you enjoy what we produce… feel free to contact me as well!

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