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USA Rugby Women’s D1 Challenge Matches FINAL RESULTS

Glendale vs Boston 22-12 **Here is a writeup from a West Representative who watched the match, the Boston writeup is below it: Boston played as the Northeast #4 seed. Glendale was the West #2 seed. Boston won the challenge match 22-12 after leading at half-time 22-5. Boston opened the scoring within the first two minutes […]

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West LAU Tournament Results and some Pics

This weekend was the 2008 West All Stars Local Area Union Tournament at Gateway Park in Ft. Worth, TX. Four teams from across the West arrived in Ft. Worth to battle it out and play their best for the selectors. Mark Bullock (West 15’s Head Coach), Wendy Cook (West 15’s Assitant Coach) and Laura Hertel […]

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USA Rugby Women’s D1 Challenge Matches – UPDATED

USA Rugby Women’s D1 Challenge Matches – UPDATED Emerald City Mudhens vs Belmont Shore – April 19, 2008Jill from the Mudhens let me know a brief update of the Challenge Match against Belmont Shore: The Emerald City Mudhens beat Belmont Shore in double overtime, sudden death 15-10. It was cold and periodically hailing and raining […]

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Rugby Fundraisers…Lube or Oil!!

VALKYRIES OIL WRESTLING Come watch these sporty women get slicked and set against one another! There’s bound to be beers, boobs, themed match-ups, hooting, hollering and wet women smelling of coconut oil. There is simply no better way to spend a Thursday night. Come out, support your local rugger, and bring friends. 4.24.2008 at 9pm, […]

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Austin Valkyries vs Houston

Combined write-up by Head Coach of the Austin Valkyries, Meg Pace and Forwards Captain, Traci Schmidtke. The Austin Valkyries took 18 B side players (with a few A side helpers) to Woodlands, TX for our second to last match of the season. Before our match the TCU High School and Houston High School teams matched […]

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USA Rugby Women’s D1 Challenge Matches

An anonymous commenter asked about the Challenge Matches for 2008 so here you go! I have been meaning to write about it for awhile, but hadn’t seen anything updated on the USA site. Challenge Matches for 2008 February 1, 2008: Challenging Territories must officially announce intent to challenge and name teams who will be representing […]

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West Rugby Action

Just a short update today…. Austin Valkyries 29 Kanasas City Jazz 17 (League Match) Glendale 32 vs Chicago 0 (Thanks Karl!)**Not a challenge match as I thought. More details and pictures of the Valkyries match later. ENJOY YOUR SUNDAY!! Your Scrumhalf Connection – Women’s Rugby Blog. Daily posts about rugby across the world! Read the […]

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Rugby Here & There – General News

Check this post out for the weird, out of ordinary and just plain cool rugby stories from across the web! Are you ready for RUGBY? The typical rugger’s high fitness level stems in part from the dynamic nature of the game itself. Unlike American football, in which the action stops once a player is tackled, […]

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