KC Jazz vs. Scottsdale Blues April 15, 2006

Thanks to Chris Franz for writing this up so eloquently!


Kansas City Jazz 48-7 over Scottsdale Blues

It was a warm humid sunny Saturday morning with temperatures in the mid 70s when the Scottsdale Blues kicked off to the Kansas City Jazz at 11:00am at Seymour Field in Kansas City.

The Jazz began the match on the south end of the field with a stiff wind at their backs. The match was very evenly contested for the first 5 to 10 minutes. At or around the 10th minute into the match the Jazz earned a penalty kick at goal for an off side infraction against the Blues. The kick was converted by Jazz winger, Sara Wood, and the Jazz led 3 – 0.

Minutes later the Jazz fullback, Kristina Johnson crashed the middle of the Blues line at the Jazz 35 taking the ball inside the Blues 22. The Jazz forwards pounded the center until flanker, Emily Bock, punched through a try for the Jazz. The conversion kick by Sara Wood was good and the Jazz led 10 – 0 over the Blues.

On the ensuing kickoff the Jazz had a quick ruck and the ball went out to winger Sara Wood who streaked down the left side of the field and managed to avoid all tacklers to score under the posts in the center. Sara made her kick at goal and the Jazz stretched their lead to 17 – 0 over the Blues.

Both teams were plagued with penalties in the first half of the match. The Jazz, having lost the ball in loose play, suffered various mental mistakes all on the same Blues drive down the field. The penalties varied on this drive such as, off sides at the ruck, hands in the ruck, and failing to release. With about 10 minutes left in the first half Blues prop, Crissy Paul drug several Jazz players into the try zone and scored the Blues only try of the day. Meghan O’Donnell kicked the conversion and the Blues were on the board. Blues 7 – Jazz 17.

Again, penalties beleaguered the Blues, and flanker Emily Bock on a ‘tap and go’ from a penalty plowed through the Blues defense to score again for the Jazz. The lead was now Jazz 24 – Blues 7. This remained the score through the first half.

In the second half the Jazz kicked off to the Blues and Jazz backs moved almost at will with the ball. A beautiful break came from Sara Wood who dished to Jen Nelson to bring the ball inside the 10 meter line. The Jazz forwards took over from there and flanker Emily Bock again emerged from the pile to score easily out flanking the Blues defenders. Sara Wood kicked the conversion and the Jazz led 31 to the Blues 7.

Melissa McKibben broke loose on an open field run and scored under the posts to stretch the Jazz lead to 38 to 7 with the conversion kick coming from Sara Wood.

The Jazz forwards were tough throughout the match but their aggressive hard charging style of play took its toll in the last 15 minutes of the match. The Jazz forwards pounded the ball in for a try from just inside the 15 meter line. Flanker, Sonia Rios, dove in for the try but the conversion kick by Sara Wood was missed and the Jazz extended their lead 43 – Blues 7.

The final try of the day was scored by the Jazz 8-man, Katie Lofton. Lofton broke free and with elusive running she notched the final score for the Jazz bringing the total score to Jazz 48 – Blues 7.

The Lady Blues never gave up in the match and are great competitors on and off the pitch. The West maintains their 3 seeds into the National Championship Round of 16 playoffs in October.

Respectfully submitted by, Christine Franz, Heart of America Treasurer and Match Official.

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