West Select Side 7's Update and Player Spotlight: Rosalind Chou

All 6 territorial teams, plus an Atlantis team coached by Emil Signes, played in round robin format to then determine seeding for a single elimination tournament to follow on Sunday. To say National Coach Julie McCoy was testing the limits of all players would be an understatement!

Just briefly (there will be a more detailed account of the weekend’s events later ) :

The West team, despite being completely new and having just one day’s practice together won the 1st place seeding after round robin play: 4 wins, 2 ties, 0 losses….the only team to go undefeated! The West defeated South, MidWest, Marfu, and Northeast in the first round and tied Atlantis and a much improved SoCal team.

This won them a bye in the single elimination tourney where they lost to the South in the Semi final. The South were the eventual winners over Midwest.

Congratulations to Austin Valkyrie Rosalind Chou for her outstanding performance at Cape Fear 7’s as a member of the West 7’s select side! Roz played almost every minute of a grueling weekend that began with 5 matches (yes, I’m serious) on Saturday and 2 matches on Sunday. Roz’s fitness served her well as well as her super-positive attitude and dedication to her new team-mates.

Please congratulate Roz when you see her! She was completely awesome and represented the Valks well!

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