We Got DA BUS!!

Rocky, Shalay, Jonathon and I picked up the bus this morning…its so exciting!!! It’s a huge school bus that has been converted into an RV. It has bench seating, row seating, plenty of room for storage, a toilet, fridge, cabinets, microwave, running water and more!!

We are already talking about painting one side with the Valkyries colors, one side the Huns colors and the back will have the BEAVER on it. It needs some decorating tips, but that is why we have the amazing talent we do on our team. We have seamstresses, painters, carpenters and even a mechanic!

We have like 12 people committed to the BEAVER TOUR and I am so very excited! I will keep you posted with renovation pics!

And here is the fantasy route we are thinking about taking….thanks to Mapquest’s new Road Trip Tool. (I KNOW! I KNOW! Google Maps…but they don’t have this tool!)

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