60th Annual 2008 St. Louis Ruggerfest

60th Annual 2008 St. Louis Ruggerfest April 5th and 6th, 2008

4 Divisions

*Open and Premier (includes Men’s and Collegiate in the same bracket, in both Open and Premier)
*High School

Prize Money 1st Place
Premier -$500.00

1st Place
Open – $400.00
Women’s -$400.00
High School Girls – $300.00
High School Boys- $300.00

This Year we are playing once again out at the Creve Coeur Park fields. Some of you may have played with us in years past at our Forest Park location (Dust Bowl). The Creve Coeur Park is a much greener and softer environment. Plus our Westport area has an abundance of hotels and bars within 5 miles of the pitch. Also for the High School sides we will try and get some area events that may interest them. Cardinals Baseball, or Dave & Buster’s enormous game and restaurant are within 1mile.


Men’s Women’s HS Boys HS Girls
Palmer Heart of America St. Charles Chicago Brighton (TN)
East Side Hyenas St. Louis Sabres Francis Howell Iowa
Milwaukee RFC Washington University Eureka Des Moines
Chicago Blaze Mizzou Brighton (TN) – A KC Dragons
Sunday Morning RFC County Will Brighton (TN) – B St. Louis Sirens
St. Louis Hornets Northshore Brighton (TN) – C
KC RFC Brighton (TN) – D
Springfield (MO) Chicago Colts
Arkansas Gryphons Kirkwood
DePaul Milwaukee
County Sundogs
Minnesota – A
Minnesota – B
Black Monks
Central Missouri
County Shamrocks
Missouri S&T – Rolla
KU Jayhawks
Rowdies Rugby Club
St. Louis Ramblers
Washington University

Saturday’s Bracket

They have a Sunday Bracket as well, but no results…I have emailed the contacts on the Missouri Website asking for full results, so hopefully I will be able to post them soon.

If you know results, who won, pictures etc, post them in the comments!

**UPDATE – Detroit Tradesmen won the Premier, Johnson County Sundongs won the open, and the HOA selectside senior side won the womens bracket.

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  1. My Metropolis club played at Ruggerfest last year…I don’t know if I ever was as wet and cold at a rugby match. We travelled with a ton of forwards and not many backs, the hightlight-or lowlight, was a game where old chunky me played one wing and my slim, fast son played the other wing.


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