Rugby Video Monday: Rugby is beautiful

This rugby video has over 15,000 views and is a great representation of rugby and its beauty. The beauty of its players, the beauty of the game, movement and more…love it.

I’m not sure of all the teams, but it mainly seems to be England focused with them playing Wales, Scotland and a few other teams. It also seems to be a bit older of a video because their jerseys are plain white and very big in the sleeves. Nowadays most teams are moving toward the Canterbury jerseys which are super sweet looking and state of the art! (Did you know that USA Rugby just announced that they partnered with Canterbury as well?)

So check out the Video this week titled Rugby Video 5:

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  1. You’re right about the video being a bit old – 2001 or 2002 I suspect as it includes clips from a game between England and France at what looks like Northampton, and that game was in 2001.


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