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I received an email a few weeks ago from Peter Dawson about being evasive (the sidestep) in Rugby and how important it is:

Hi Wendy,

In your entry about “WNT Elite Camp Wraps up” you report that Women’s National Team Head Coach Kathy Flores said.
“For the backs, it’s understanding the importance of the agility work to make them as evasive … possible.”

This is just a note to suggest you might like to visit so you can let your readers know about a fantastic new rugby resource that is available – my website!

It contains information on being evasive (the sidestep) that you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

I do hope you and your readers will visit rugby-sidestep-central and benefit from doing so.

The site has been mentioned recently and linked to by TotalFlanker and…is currently the ‘featured website of the month’ in the museum section of RugbyRelics.

Best Wishes,

So I checked out his site and really liked the information I found on it. He has some great videos:

His site also goes over the first sidestep’s and a few moderns sidesteps. More than that his site has some great information on rugby in general! Make sure to check out his site and check out these other sites as well:

Julie McCoy Footwork CampsSite appears to be down, but I’m sure there are some footwork camps happening out there. Email me if the site has moved, or if anyone has any info on new camps by Julie. Here are some photos of a camp from last year in Little Rock, AR, it was for the Women’s National Team 7s.

Alex Williams Rugby Camps for Women – I have heard from a few teammates and bloggers that they attended a camp last year and they loved it! The site hasn’t been updated in a bit, but they do say they are planning to host a few camps in the 2008 summer. Email me if you have any more info!

All Sports Footwork Camp – I found this site while searching around on Google for rugby footwork camps. I have never heard of it before, or talked to anyone about it. But it was mentioned on a few other blogs, so I thought I would include it. Has anyone been to one of the camps?

There are plenty of camps held overseas, so it is exciting to see that these types of camps and/or ideals are picking up in America. Anything we can do to elevate the level of rugby in the states is a good thing in my opinion! Let me know if I missed any camps or if you know of any others.

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