Virtual Champagne Toasting and High-Fives All Around!

Over the weekend the blog counter for Your Scrumhalf Connection broke 100,000 hits!! The fact that we are already up to 100,728 by TODAY is worth noting as well! I believe the count broke 100,000 in the wee morning hours of Sunday.

So lets celebrate by opening a virtual bottle of champagne (or your choice of beverage!), raise a glass and high-five each other around the Ruckosphere!

Thanks for reading, submitting, watching, viewing etc and making this blog what it is today. When I originally started this blog on March 31, 2006 it was for the purpose of writing about the West Rugby Union and all the teams in the West. Oh how the blog has evolved, changed and developed since that time.

Thanks for all your time, thoughts and kind words readers. I raise my glass to you!

UPDATE: There have been several emails and chats today of readers claiming (Shagam, Mikey and Alyssa!) they were the one that put the counter over 100,000. I have done some research on my counter logs and the one to put me over 100,000 is….DRUMROLL PLEASE….

A reader from Columbus, OH (specifically the Jefferson Commons of Columbus…isn’t Street View SCARY?) put the counter over on June 29, 2008 at around 3:46am.Thanks for reading Columbus, OH!

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  1. Congratz babe!!!! I personally think its the best blog out there! ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep up the good work

    The Girl

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