Rugby Helps Young Women Overcome Personal Tragedies

Re-post from Rugby Buzz:

“We have players here who have been raped and molested. They have to let down their walls and get into each other’s comfort zones with this sport. Before you know it, they trust in humanity again.”

Today’s heartwarming story comes from Lakeland, Fla., where the New Life Academy uses rugby to help young women recover from personal traumas and tragedies. It’s another example of the healing power of a sport that requires the ultimate in determination and aggressiveness but then, when the game is over, you socialize with the opposition. Truly incredible.

“There’s a new attitude in the house,” New Life Academy director Greg Del Valle says. “The girls are taking ownership. Rugby promotes character, trust, loyalty and honor. You represent your program on and off the pitch. It really promotes behaving.”

And what do the girls say?

“I like the unity it brings,” says Anna Butler, 19, of Georgia. “You knock the crap out of somebody . . .”

“And at the end, both teams are nice to each other,” adds teammate Gabby Carretero, 18, of Fort Lauderdale.

I like the deck headline: “A little pain, a little peace.”

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