USA Sevens – Women’s International Invitational 7s in Vegas – Discount Hotel & Ticket Deals

We have been able to secure discounted hotel rates at the same hotel that the International Women are staying at, as well as discounted 3-day tickets to USA Sevens. While the discounted ticket price is incentive enough, the better news is that this is one of the few opportunities to date for all the folks out there who so passionately support women’s rugby and want improvements in how the women are portrayed, funded and treated TO MAKE AN IMPACT!!!

Every USA Sevens ticket that is purchased using this code will send a portion of the price back to the women’s tournament and will also help to prove that there IS a market out there for Women’s International Rugby, that people want to support the women and watch them compete in top-notch tournaments!

Tickets – 3-day Field Level, ONLY $89! (vs. $140 at gate)

Hotel (Palace Station Hotel) $79 a night

  • Adjacent to the Strip
  • Free airport shuttle
  • Shuttle to USA Sevens
  • Same hotel as Women’s National Teams, including the USA Eagles
  • Low rates of $79 per night for Courtyard and $99 per night for Tower Rooms
  • Call 800-634-3101 and use Code: PCIRUFF to get discounted rates

Any help you guys can give in spreading the word as far and wide as possible and encouraging EVERYONE who is planning to go to Las Vegas in February to buy their tickets using this code is greatly appreciated. It is an easy way to take action to support International Women’s rugby, the USA team, and our tournament!

Note that the ticket deal expires this Friday, January 13, so folks will need to get online THIS WEEK to use this code and buy their tickets.

Thank you!
Alex Willilams

USA Rugby High Performance Manager

To see the teams, rosters and scores from the Women’s International Invitational Tournament, go here.

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