Rugby Shorthand & Hashtags for Social Media

hashtags-in-marketingYou’ve probably noticed that we’re huge fans of using social media (mainly Facebook and Twitter with some stints on Instagram) to talk about rugby. We’re also big fans of hashtags and try our best to find the right tag for the right event. Sometimes that means we make things up too!

So we thought we’d put together a quick list of shorthand for social media. This will include abbreviations and event hashtags.

We’ve started with a short list below and we’ll keep updating it. We’d also love your input on social media or below in the comments!

Event Hashtags


#6Nations Six Nations Rugby (general)
#Atlanta7s HSBC Women’s Sevens Series stop in Atlanta, GA, USA
#Brazil7s HSBC Women’s Sevens Series stop in Barueri, Sao Paulo, Brazil
#Canada7s HSBC Women’s Sevens Series stop in Langford, Victoria, Canada
#CANAM USA vs Canada Series
#Club7s USA Rugby Club 7s National Championships
#College7s USA Rugby College 7s National Championships
#ClubRugby USA Rugby Club Rugby (Senior Rugby)
#ClubXV USA Rugby Club 15s Rugby
#CollegeRugby USA Rugby College Rugby
#Dubai7s HSBC Women’s Sevens Series stop at the 7he Sevens, Dubai
#London7s Former stop on the HSBC Women’s Sevens Series
#Womens6N Women’s Rugby Six Nations
#WRWC2014 Women’s Rugby World Cup 2014, England
#WRWC2017 Women’s Rugby World Cup 2017, Ireland
#Clermont7s HSBC Women’s Sevens Series stop in Stade Gabriel-Montpied, Clermont-Ferrand, France
#WPLRugby USA Rugby Women’s Premier League
#Kazan7s The first leg of the European Sevens Grand Prix (the “Top 12”) takes place in June 2016 and the second leg will be after the Olympics. Thanks @Scrumqueens for that explanation!
#RoadToRio The road to the 2016 Olympics in Rio!
#WCAA USA Rugby Women’s Collegiate All Americans
#WJAA USA Rugby Women’s Junior All Americans
#USARugby USA Rugby hashtag
#wrugby Shorthand for Women’s Rugby, coined by @Scrumqueens
#womensrugby Self explanatory, right?




KO Knock-on or kick-off, look for context hints!
HT Halftime
FT Fulltime
PK Penalty kick
LO Lineout

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