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Lots of controversy this week in the women’s rugby realm, including World Rugby going gender neutral, transgender rugby players, South Africa has qualified for the 2021 Rugby World Cup, Kenya didn’t qualify for the RWC (yet) but is a top 25 team for the first time ever and we cover round 1 of the USA’s WPL League.

As always, there is more news to be had, keep on reading:

  • World Rugby dropped a bombshell this week when they announced that they’re going gender neutral…
    • Social media lit up with questions and discussions around the move. Mostly it seemed that this move will only confuse everyone!
    • Some speculated that it’s easier to brand Rugby World Cup rathe then Men’s Rugby World or Women’s Rugby World Cup
    • Even international players spoke out some in favor of genderless and others advocating for men’s RWC and women’s RWC
    • Further confusing the issue, recent articles about MTF athletes surfaced and those were brought into the discussion
  • Johnathan Castleman, HSBC’s global head of brand partnerships talks with Sports Pro Media about why they pushed to have more women’s tournaments
  • WPL Round 1 scores
    • Berkeley All Blues 29 ORSU 5
    • Glendale Merlins 21 Life West Gladiatrix 43
    • Chicago North Shore 31 Twin Cities Amazons 10
    • Beantown 32 Atlanta Harlequins 22
  • A very cool story about the origins of women’s rugby in Japan, #LibertyFields RFC is highlighted by Guinness Europe
  • South Africa has qualified for the 2021 Rugby World Cup
  • Kenya just missed qualifying but has been ranked in the top 25 teams for the first time in the World Rugby Standings
  • Australia slid an announcement about the top five teams in the world coming to their shores ahead of the 2021 RWC into a generic press release
    • A bit bizarre as that seems like something you’d be highly anticipating? Australia will be joined by New Zealand, France, England, USA and Canada.
  • England and Czechia won the U18 7s tournaments in Bystrc and Swansea
  • Kristi Kirshe only started playing rugby in 2017, how did she propel herself to the USA Rugby 7s National Team?
  • Zenay Jordaan of South Africa has played in two RWC’s and three RWC 7s tournaments and is looking forward to the 2021 RWC
  • Lynne Cantwell, a former Irish national player calls for improved structures in the Irish game
  • Rochelle ‘Rocky’ Clark has joined the Saracens coaching team ahead of the 2019/2020 Tyrrells Premier season
  • Black Fern Kennedy Simon has left Japan after three season and returned home to Hamilton
  • One #rugbyjobs advert this week:
    • Wales is promoting their HP Coaching Programme (Level 4), new in 2019

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