Under the Posts – Aug 17-23

Under the Posts – Aug 17-23 begins with an open letter signed by International Athletes to World Rugby, Farah Palmer Cup delays their start, discussions around a women’s global calendar, 6 player features, 5 medias and 1 #RugbyJobs.

Featured Women’s Rugby News

IGR has released a fantastic response to the proposed World Rugby ban on transgender women. It’s literally 200+ pages of solid research and supporting materials.

We’re also featuring an open letter that is signed by 127 International Athletes and counting. 

Weekly Women’s Rugby News

The Farah Palmer Cup has delayed the start of their competition due to a small resurgence of cases in New Zealand. The start date will now be September 5, they were able to push back the start without trimming any matches. 

World Rugby and the organizers of the Six Nations are discussing separating out the men’s and women’s tournaments. There is even discussion of a global women’s calendar, if that ever comes about…that would be a sight to see.

USA 7s is back to training in California and we’ve heard that XVs isn’t far behind. 

RAN continues their Online Women’s Forum with presentations from Jenn Heinrich and Aleja Tucanes. 

Last but not least, South America has appointed Barbara Pichot as their new Women’s Rugby Coordinator. She has been helping South American Rugby for a few years  but now moves into a full-time role.

Women’s Rugby Player Features

  • Harlequins Zoe Saynor speaks with NewsChain about her beginnings in rugby and the journey to professionalism
  • Worcesters Jo Yapp talks to World Rugby about her promotion at Worcester, working with the Barbarians and her coaching philosophy
  • Kenya’s Grace Adhiambo Okulu talks with Olympic Channel about qualifying for the Olympics
  • USA’s Phaidra Knight talks with Sky Sports about the profile of the women’s game in the United States

Women’s Rugby Media/Podcasts/Videos

  • Footage from the 1991 Women’s Rugby World Cup!
  • England’s Danielle Waterman speaks with World Rugby about the 2014 RWC
  • Australia’s Tiana Penitani Talks with Rugby Hive Podcast about missing the 2016
  • USA’s Kristine Sommer talks with Red, White & Black Eye about why she created the XV Foundation
  • England’s Sarah Bern speaks with the Women’s Rugby Show about how she can only get better


  • Wales is searching for various positions, check out their post!

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Featured News

This week, International Gay Rugby (IGR) continues to be at the forefront of supporting the most vulnerable individuals in the rugby community. They dropped a 200+ document that clearly outlines that “the proposed Transgender Guideline threaten to negate World Rugby’s international standing for inclusion and progressive policy decisions. Implementation of the guidelines in one move will destroy the amazing progress our sport has achieved for LGBTQIA+ people. Its leak has already increased transphobic hate speech on-line and put the safety and well-being of current rugby players at risk.”

We’re also featuring ‘Rugby For All’ Open Letter to World Rugby. International Athletes, referees and coaches are putting their signature for all to see.

Women's Rugby News

The start of the Farah Palmer Cup has been delayed and will now kick off on September 5. The cause of the pushback was because Covid-19 cases were discovered in the community and Auckland was forced into an alert level 3 lockdown. 

World Rugby and the Six Nations have confirmed that they are exploring separating the men’s and women’s Six Nations tournaments, as part of a planned global women’s rugby calendar.

Last year the women’s six nations matches were played at the same time as the men’s. This clearly doesn’t help the sport grow and forced spectators to choose.

We’re most excited about a women’s global calendar, it’s about time! 

USA 7s is back to the grind! We’ve heard that XVs won’t be far behind them and may even have some assemblies this fall and possibly a match or two?

Rugby in Iran is exploding, 20 per cent from 10,000 to 12,000 between 2019-20 alone. While they aren’t full World Rugby members, that is their goal.

7,000 of those registered players are female. Nahid Biyarjomandi, who founded the first women’s rugby club in Iran and is a ‘Try And Stop Us’ ambassador.

As promised we have released our findings into the Crystal Cooke incident and the surrounding events. 

The incident and surrounding activities are very complex. In the end we find that Cooke & Tornetto are victims of  many broken systems. They were failed by Union County, Empire and USA Rugby. We identified EIGHT failures that took place across all of these groups. 

Change can take ages but we know that Union County, USA Rugby and the Empire DC still have the chance to right these wrongs. They just have to choose to do the right thing.

RAN’s Online Women’s Forum continues with two more presentations. First up was Jenn Heinrich on ‘The Road to 15s: Creating a More Inclusive Game’ and then World Rugby Council Member Alejandra Betancur spoke in-depth about her experience growing the game in South America.

South America Rugby has hired Barbara Pichot as their new Women’s Rugby Coordinator. Women’s rugby in South America has seen strong growth in recent years in the region, with teams in all sixteen countries in the region and growing numbers of participants.

“It is a pleasure to be able to add Barbara to our staff in South America Rugby and we trust that, with her, we will be able to further push the growth and development of women in rugby,” said Santiago Ramallo, General Manager of South America Rugby when announcing the hiring. .

Player Features


Looking for a job in rugby? Make sure to check out our listing of #RugbyJobs. Or even follow the hash tag on Twitter.

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