WPL Announces Board of Directors

The Women’s Premier League (WPL) has announced the formation of a non-player Board of Directors after months of advertising, vetting, and interviewing. The new Board of Directors is a small but vital step on the journey to becoming the first Women’s Pro 15s League in the US.

The WPL, which is the longest standing league in the US, has been run solely by player volunteers, balancing life, work, training, playing, and running the league. The new Board of Directors aims to elevate and grow the WPL into a professional 15s league and transition from a pay-to-play model to a paid-to-play model rooted in the values of sustainability, accessibility, and equity.

2023’s Women’s Premier League Board of Directors:

The WPL is working on the on-boarding process to ensure a complete knowledge transfer between the current Board of Directors and other key stakeholders.

The WPL expressed gratitude to everyone involved in the hiring process, all candidates who raised their hands and interviewed, and the entire community for their patience during the selection process.

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