Elite Girls Rugby League (EGRL) Shaping the Future of Women’s Rugby in the Mid-Atlantic

The Elite Girls Rugby League (EGRL) has become a prominent force in girls’ high school rugby, fostering growth and creating unique opportunities for talented athletes. Originating in the Mid-Atlantic HS Conference, EGRL has expanded its reach along the East Coast, comprising 13 teams and 4 emerging teams. The league not only conducts regular conference matches but also organizes select side opportunities, creating a platform for players to showcase their skills at a national level.

EGRL is a collaborative effort by five of the Mid-Atlantic Region’s top clubs: Aspetuck (CT), Doylestown (PA), Morris (NJ), North Bay (MD), and West Carroll (MD). United by a shared vision, these clubs have come together to create an environment that promotes development and fair play. EGRL attracts talented athletes who embody “spiritus pugilis” (the Champions Spirits) and those seeking recruitment for University, Club, and Professional opportunities.

One of the standout features of EGRL is its commitment to offering select side opportunities to its players. These events, such as the upcoming XVs tournament in St. Petersburg, FL on February 17-18, provides a chance for the league’s top talent to compete on a broader stage, showcasing their abilities to a wider audience. For further information on EGRL and upcoming events, visit their official website at https://www.egrl.org.

In 2021, EGRL took a significant step by organizing its first collegiate showcase in Clinton, NJ, now known as the Rugby Showcase East (RSE). Collegiate coaches and athletes alike have praised the event’s organization, making it an essential recruiting ground. The Rugby Showcase East offers a structured platform for athletes to connect directly with coaches and present their talents. For additional details, please visit https://www.rugbyshowcase.com/home.

Building on the success of RSE, EGRL has expanded its reach with the introduction of the Rugby Showcase South (RSS), hosted by Guilford College in Greensboro, NC. This event serves as an early Spring recruitment opportunity, facilitating connections between EGRL teams and collegiate rugby programs. The showcase provides recruiting materials and opportunities for both players and coaches.

To aid the recruitment process, EGRL encourages high school coaches and players to finalize rosters with detailed information prior to matches or tournaments. Maintaining consistency in player jerseys and including headshots or distinguishable features in recruitment materials can significantly impact the identification and contact of potential recruits.

Parents, families, and prospective students are advised to focus on key questions when evaluating collegiate rugby programs. These include academic fit, financial considerations, scholarship structures, coaching philosophies, and how the program aligns with long-term goals. EGRL has been instrumental in connecting athletes with NCAA (NIRA) programs, ensuring a smooth transition from high school to collegiate rugby.

The Elite Girls Rugby League and its showcase events play a pivotal role in shaping the future of women’s rugby, connecting talented athletes with collegiate opportunities. With a commitment to organization, growth, and player development, EGRL continues to be a driving force in elevating the standard of girls’ high school rugby. For more information on the NIRA (NCAA), visit https://nira.rugby/.

For inquiries about EGRL, Rugby Showcase South, or Rugby Showcase East, please contact admin@egrl.org or director@rugbyshowcase.com.

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