Austin Valkyries Ice Cream Fund Raiser

Ice Cream for a Good Cause On Thursday, June 26th, from 6-9 pm, Ben & Jerry’s in West Lake will donate 25% of its total sales to the Austin Valkyries Women’s Rugby Club. That means you have the best excuse ever to come cool off and eat ice cream while helping an active group in … Read more

Austin Valkyries vs Atlanta 2008 (Friendly)

I totally forgot that I never blogged about the Valkyries trip to Atlanta, read the recap from Bags below: The Austin Valkyries closed their spring 15’s season with a successful trip to Atlanta this weekend, earning a split decision against a strong Harlequins squad and having our usual bevy of adventures and mischief-making. Game & … Read more

2008 Men’s Club Championships Division I, II & III – Final Results

2008 Men’s Club Championships Division I, II & III – Final Results Day 1 Results: Division IOlympic Club 43, Maryland Exiles 20Glendale 29. South Side Irish 21Pearl City 17, Hayward 15Life University 40, Las Vegas 5 ConsolationAspen 29, Palmer 24Long Island 26, Park City Haggis 20Los Angeles 53, White Plains 0Mystic River 17, Austin … Read more

USA Rugby Women’s D1 Challenge Matches FINAL RESULTS

Glendale vs Boston 22-12 **Here is a writeup from a West Representative who watched the match, the Boston writeup is below it: Boston played as the Northeast #4 seed. Glendale was the West #2 seed. Boston won the challenge match 22-12 after leading at half-time 22-5. Boston opened the scoring within the first two minutes … Read more

West LAU Tournament Results and some Pics

This weekend was the 2008 West All Stars Local Area Union Tournament at Gateway Park in Ft. Worth, TX. Four teams from across the West arrived in Ft. Worth to battle it out and play their best for the selectors. Mark Bullock (West 15’s Head Coach), Wendy Cook (West 15’s Assitant Coach) and Laura Hertel … Read more

USA Rugby Women’s D1 Challenge Matches – UPDATED

USA Rugby Women’s D1 Challenge Matches – UPDATED Emerald City Mudhens vs Belmont Shore – April 19, 2008Jill from the Mudhens let me know a brief update of the Challenge Match against Belmont Shore: The Emerald City Mudhens beat Belmont Shore in double overtime, sudden death 15-10. It was cold and periodically hailing and raining … Read more

Rugby Fundraisers…Lube or Oil!!

VALKYRIES OIL WRESTLING Come watch these sporty women get slicked and set against one another! There’s bound to be beers, boobs, themed match-ups, hooting, hollering and wet women smelling of coconut oil. There is simply no better way to spend a Thursday night. Come out, support your local rugger, and bring friends. 4.24.2008 at 9pm, … Read more