Raindrops on my soul…

It was officially the hottest day of the year in Austin so far today, it hit 99 degrees! This is the kind of heat that I love, when you go outside and your skin instantly starts prickling…it begins breaking into a sweat to try and combat the heat. A few hours ago the sky grew dark, the clouds rolled in and the sky swelled…only to shrink once all the rain was expelled.

I sat on the back porch letting the rain drip onto me, at first it was just a light drizzle, but it soon turned into a heavy downpour. The dogs quickly moved underneath the covered area of the porch, but I stayed out underneath it, letting my skin drink in the rain.

I relished the rain tonight and really enjoyed nature tonight. I have often said that I need the sunshine to feel alive. I can’t help but think I was a lizard in my former life as I would love to soak in the sun all day if I could.

I apologize, it is 2:43am and I have a bit of insomnia. My rugby team is in Atlanta and The Girl is in Denver playing with the West All Star team. It is strange to be in Austin while my teammates and closest friend are off in other parts of the nation. While I have enjoyed the break from life, obligations and rugby it is strange to be so alone. I can do whatever I want!

Anyways, The valks lost to Atlanta 32-24 in the first game but then beat them in the second game 24-0. The West lost to the Midwest by a try, 22-17, heard it was a really good game and will be available to watch online next week. The West and Midwest will play again tmorrow morning at 10am, so we will see who wins that game!

So this may be one of my more personal blogs, these don’t usually get posted, just filed away and forgotten. Heres to the rest of the world who is sleeping, working, and living. Take a moment to soak in the sun, rain, wind, snow…whatever nature brings you, it will be worth it.

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