WPL Week 2 Recap and Videos

Check out Jillian B’s writeup of the Keystone vs NYRC match [includes video] from last week. Unfortunately there aren’t any writeups for the other home matches this week as several teams do not have YSC Reporters. If you are interested in becoming a YSC Reporter, go here.

Keystone @ NYRC video/match report
Minnesota Valkyries @ ORSU video
Berkeley @ Beantown Part 1, Part 2
Amazons @ Furies Video

WPL Week 2 Recap
USA Rugby:

The second week of Women’s Premier League action finishes with the New York Women at the top of the Red Conference and the Berkeley All-Blues with the lead in the Blue Conference.

The New York Women scored at will and came away with a 46-17 win over the Keystone Rugby Club. With four tries in the first half and three in the second, the NYRC attack was lethal. Eagle Vanesha McGee is the leading try-scorer in the competition, and scored five of them in the Keystone clash.

ORSU blanked the Minnesota Valkyries in their match up over the weekend. Outside center San Juanita Moreno had a hat-trick and the boot of Elizabeth Kilgore accounted for 11 of the ORSU tally, the other points coming from Beckett Royce, Joanna Westrich and Tonya Ansel.

The Twin Cities Amazons beat the Washington D.C. Furies 22-7. The Amazon backline was firing away as Kaelene Lundstrum continued her impressive form from last month’s All-Star Sevens and dotted-down a couple of tries for the Amazons. It was too little, too late for Washington as they scored their only points in the 66th minute.

Beantown and Berkeley had a knock-down, drag-out encounter, with only two points in the final score with the All Blues coming away with a 32-30 win. Beantown’s fitness may be suspect as their scoring came to a screeching halt and gave up their lead late in the second half. The speed of Nathalie Marchino got her a try in the 78th minute to hand Berkeley the winning score.
RESULTS from WEEK 4 (Sunday,September 19)

New York Rugby Club 46, Keystone 17
Beantown 30, Berkeley All Blues 32
ORSU 41, Minnesota Valkyries 0
Washington D.C Furies 7, Twin Cities Amazons 22

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