Amazons vs. Atlanta Harlequins Match Report & Video

untitled AHlogoNOBARThe final matches of the WPL season are always at an exciting time of year. Teams have been working hard and improving all season to compete for spots at nationals and are getting ready to show their true colors out in Philly. This weekend’s match between the Atlanta Harlequins and the Twin Cities Amazons definitely was no different. The scoreline may make the match seem like it was a one sided battle, but that is not true. Atlanta earned their spot in the WPL last year after winning the national title for D1, and this year they have shown the league why they deserve to be a part of the WPL.

The Amazons kicked off to start the match, it was about 50 degrees for the 12 noon start time in Eagan, MN. The Amazons shared home matches this weekend with their D2 squad who had hosted Milwaukee Scylla the day before as a part of the Amazon Fan Appreciation weekend. Hot drinks had kept everyone warm that Saturday, but over 200 fans and lots of sunshine kept things nice and warm as the game went on.

The Amazons started off scoring after 8 minutes of play, as Amanda Kingzett dotted down a try, conversion was also good from Radtke. The Zons kept the momentum for the next few stanzas of play with tries from Kugler, Krug, and Kugler again. While the Amazons had the momentum, effort was matched by the Harlequins, keeping the contact points contested and making turnovers in open play.  Halftime score 24-0.

Harlequins kicked off to start the second half of play, but then the story was all about the Amazons kicking game. First Radtke kicked and chased her own grubber into the try zone, then followed it up with a high kick out left to winger Lundstrum for another try.

After that, Vonada poured in 4 more tries and Bridges and Kugler had 2 more. The Harlequins kept up strong forward play and had some great breaks but weren’t able to capitalize. All in all it was a well fought 80 minutes of rugby by both sides.

Final score: Amazons 70, Harlequins 0



Kingzett, Kugler (3), Krug, Radtke, Lundstrum, Vonada (4), Bridges



Match Video

Week 6: Amazons vs. Atlanta from Women's Premier League Rugby on Vimeo.

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