WPL Registration and Transfer Deadline – October 1, 2014

USA Rugby LogoPlease accept this reminder of the upcoming registration and transfer deadline for Women’s Premier League competition: October 1st. All players must appear on their respective club roster, either by virtue of initial registration or an electronic transfer request, by October 1st. In order to participate in qualifying and postseason competition players must appear on their club’s public roster by that date. This deadline applies to you if:

  • You are currently registered with a club that is not the club you plan on playing with
  • You have not yet registered
  • You desire transfer for any reason

If unregistered, please remember to register in advance of the deadline. Any player simply need select ‘Join USA Rugby,’ where the contact information entered into Step 1 will sync that registration to any existing profile. If you are registered but desire transfer, you must submit a transfer request to USA Rugby as soon as possible. Please reference the instructions that precede the electronic transfer request to learn of required documentation. Coaches and club administrators may view public rosters here. Please instruct any player that you would like to select for qualifying competition to register or seek transfer.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and best of luck.

Kind Regards,


JAMES WILBER  |  Eligibility and Sanctioning Coordinator  |  USA Rugby

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