#WRWC2017 – Cup Semis – NZLvUSA & ENGvFRA

2017 Women's Rugby World Cup

The semi-finals of the 2017 Women’s Rugby World Cup are here! The semi-finals are here! 

Our team again has work obligations (lame)  but we have our reporter is on site and they will be reporting on the Cup semi-finals New Zealand vs USA and England vs France.

The rest of the matches we will be updating as we can on Twitter.

New Zealand vs USA – 11:00am CST

11:00AM: Anthems are done and the New Zealand haka is finished. FIERCE!

New Zealand roster

USA roster

11:01AM: USA kicks off to New Zealand and the first semi-final of the #WRWC2017 is underway!

11:03AM: Rozier with a nice clearing kick but Winiata takes it on the fly and puts it deep behind USA. They are forced to clear and NZL has a line out inside 22m.

11:04AM: Quick line out and six phases and Nafatali is over for NZL. USA defense folded around the ruck and had no one for the short inside line. NZL 5 USA 0.

11:06AM: Tough stats here, NZL has beaten the USA 9 out 10 times. The only time they’ve defeated NZL was in the 1991 World Cup Final.

11:07AM: NZL again kicks to clear and Emba of USA returns it. A small KO and NZL is now on the attack.

11:08AM: Back and forth here but USA has stripped the ball from Winiata and they clear. NZL was on the 2m line and Tapper ripped it from her!

11:10AM: Two penalties in a row at the tackle against NZL. USA LO on NZL 22m.

11:12AM: A questionable poach by a NZL defender results in a turnover. NZL kicks it out on the full, LO to USA way back up the pitch.

11:13AM: Almost a ping pong game here between the clearing kicks, chips, box and grubber kicks…neither team afraid to put it up in the air. 

11:15AM: A big kick from Rozier, bounces once and Winiata gathers. But she is muscled into touch by Tapper.

11:15AM: KO by NZL and we will see the first scrum of the day.

11:16AM: Good looking attack here by USA, Thomas gets an over the head offload from Emba and USA scores! NZL 5 USA 7.

11:17AM: Always cool under pressure, @kelteralev slots the conversion. NZL 5 USA 7 – 16M gone.

11:18AM: Goss has had a big impact already in the match and gets another poach for NZL.

11:19AM: Cocksedge lines up for a shot at the posts…and NZL is back on top. NZL 8 USA 7.

11:21AM: Savage takes another inside pass and USA can’t scrape back to cover. She’s finally brought down outside USA’s 22m.

11:22AM: NZL late to support the next phase and USA will clear for a LO.

11:23AM: NZL trying a new tactic with pick and go, they release it with a pod but it’s knocked on.

11:25AM: Nice phase play by NZL but USA is showing HUGE physical defense, the best we’ve seen so far from them. Scrum to NZL.

11:27AM: Woodman inserts and she burns the pitch on her way under the posts. NZL 13 USA 7.

11:29AM: NZL complaining about something at the scrum, referee ignoring…

11:30AM: Emba with a line break but no shock as Goss is over her in an instant and gets the penalty. Goss is a master at the breakdown…

11:33AM: A kick pass from NZL attempt that goes deep and out the in-goal. 22m to USA.

11:34AM: NZL with the choke tackle and USA knocked it on trying to get down. Scrum to NZL.

11:37AM: USA working some phases here but we’re seeing a bit of Ireland, one pass contact…need more for NZL.

11:38AM: USA tries a chip over the top but NZL’s Winiata is able to field and clears for a LO.

11:39AM: USA had numbers in both directions but ball players were under pressure and isolated. They may have left a TRY on the field there.

11:40AM: Nice long throw on the LO, Parsons takes it off the top and breaks the line. Rozier tries a dummy but NZL swarms her.

11:41AM: Phase 10 for USA, they have ADV for a dangerous tackle. They are at the line!

11:42AM: USA thought they scored but was knocked on. Referee goes back to the dangerous tackle penalty. Take the pts or risk it?

11:43AM: USA taps it and they lose it…NZL defense has dodged another bullet. About a minute left in the first half.

11:44AM: Would think the locker room for USA will be about finishing. You don’t get many chances like that against NZL, much less twice.

11:45AM: HT. NZL 15 USA 7 – Get your seatbelt on, the second half is going to be a cracker!

11:54AM: Second half underway, NZL kicked off to USA. A rattling start as Rozier knocks it on.

11:55AM: Don’t see any obvious subs for either side at the half…

11:56AM: NZL has swapped Woodman so she will be lining up against Thomas now instead of Tapper.

11:58AM: NZL steals the LO against the head and they are USA’s 5m. Oh no, a KO by NZL!

11:59AM: Another slick chip kick over the top by NZL as there were no defenders but NZL steps into touch.

12:00PM: NZL mucks up that LO and USA is immediately under pressure. USA needs to get the LO cleaned up as they’ve lost the last few.

12:01PM: Sub for USA, Faaee is off and Rogers is on.

12:02PM: NZL brings the LO down and mauls. Goss pulls it out another kick pass. Woodman gets an amazing offload and she is over! NZL 20 USA 7.

12:05PM: Messy play here but this is where NZL is so dangerous…

12:06PM: Kelter has got in there and stolen it though. USA clears.

12:07PM: Penalty against USA for off their feet. NZL is right in front of the posts, surely they will go for 3?

12:10PM: Cocksedge hits it true and NZL is up 23-7.

12:11PM: USA needs to get on the board or they may run out of time…54m gone.

12:12PM: Subs for USA, Benson off and James on.

12:13PM: Another error from USA as the throw isn’t straight. Scrum to NZL.

12:14PM: KELTER with the offload from Bridges and she dives over….what a TRY! NZL 23 USA 12.

12:16PM: USA brought it back over the 22m and then cleared it. NZL Lo inside 22m.

12:17PM: Brazier with a no look pass to Woodman and she is over for her third and a hat trick. NZL 28 USA 12.

12:20PM: NZL has put some fresh faces on the pitch and the tempo has picked up. 

12:21PM: AR requesting that referee check for a dangerous tackle against NZL #21.

12:22PM: That is to the head…seeing RED?

12:23PM: Will probably go with yellow here as Hope Rogers ducked into it. This is a big call…

12:24PM: Yellow Card for NZL #21, Itunu will sit for 10 minutes. NZL 28 USA 12 – 65m gone.

12:26PM: USA with three decoy runners in that line, Tapper breaks through and they are into NZL’s territory.

12:27PM: Ball lost though, Cocksedge puts up a big kick. Emba shucks off one defender and Tapper is loose.

12:28PM: USA moves the ball through the line but Thomas has gotten isolated, penalty to NZL.

12:29PM: Another penalty against USA for not rolling away. NZL is doing some great time management here…

12:30PM: “Rogers is a legal thief…”. Great line from the commentators.

12:32PM: Quick LO by NZL and they get it to Woodman, she steps Emba and is over. NZL 33 USA 12.

12:34PM: A huge mistake by Emba and Tapper…knock on but then they stood there, Waaka kicked it through and potentially scored it…

12:36PM: USA get lucky as Waaka knocked it on. ADV was over for the original knock, 5m scrum to USA.

12:37PM: NZL padding the score line now as Aerengamate takes the kick pass and is over. NZL 38 USA 12.

12:40PM: ADV to NZL for a knock on, Brazier steps four defenders and scores! NZL 45 USA 12.

12:42PM: FT. NZL 45 USA 12 – NZL is first to move on to the Cup Final.


England vs France – 1:45pm CST

1:45PM: Anthems are done and the second semi-final has kicked off!

England roster

France roster

1:47PM: First scrum is reset as each side looks to get the upper hand. Referee Graham Cooper overseeing the platform.

1:48PM: Another reset as Cooper works out the binding of each side. Lots of experience in these two squads…

1:49PM: A third reset! Let’s see a free kick Cooper!

1:50PM: Finally the ball is fed and FRA gets a shove on. Finally it’s brought out by FRA #8.

1:51PM: FRA goes wide but ENG defends well and closes the gate on the attack.

1:53PM: FRA up to 9 phases and Corson has a small seam. Ball has gone loose and ENG steals.

1:54PM: FRA handling is simply excellent, they are putting on a show in the first 10 minutes here!

1:55PM: FRA had the overlap but it’s loose at the ruck and ENG steals. KO by ENG and scrum to FRA.

1:56PM: Only 10 minutes is gone but FRA has has 86% of the possession. You can only defend for so long!

1:57PM: There is a slight rain falling that is making the pill a bit slippery. Scrum to ENG.

1:58PM: ENG with ten phases but Burford didn’t have any support and FRA gets the penalty. LO to FRA.

2:00PM: Dirty LO but FRA comes up with it. Both teams playing at a very quick pace, you almost feel like it can’t continue?

2:01PM: ENG gets a penalty, not releasing the ball carrier. ENG will go for points.

2:03PM: Scarratt slices the penalty kick and gets the first points. ENG 3 FRA 0.

2:04PM: Kick over the top is bobbled by FRA but then secured. Lovely passing but then a knock on!

2:07PM: FRA kicks over the top, McLean catches and then is mauled by two defenders. Physical contests all over the pitch!

2:09PM: McLean sees a bit of grass and with a beautiful kick she pins the French behind their 22m.

2:10PM: ENG with a few penalties, one for dangerous tackling and then collapsing the maul. Making it easy for FRA to gain territory.

2:11PM: Hunt tries to gather in the kick but she can’t get it…now it’s a FRA LO on the 5m.

2:12PM: FRA will surely maul…oh wait, ENG spoils! Packer steals it.

2:14PM: Open play maul by FRA and they get 10m. FRA has two miss passes and there is space on the outside!

2:15PM: Knock on by FRA but no advantage, scrum to ENG. FRA with some immense pressure on attack!

2:16PM: Waterman out for head injury assessment…this would be huge to lose her.

2:17PM: Still England 3 France 0 with 10 minutes left in the first half.

2:18PM: Adabie with a gorgeous cross field kick and ENG under pressure again.

2:19PM: Scarratt takes a soft unders line and she is through the defense. McLean to Scarratt to Thompson and another break!

2:20PM: ENG goes to old faithful, pick and go and repeat…

2:21PM: Momentum stripped as McLean is caught holding on. Critical penalty to FRA. 

2:22PM: Double pump by FRA hooker as they have a miscommunication. ENG steals!

2:23PM: Another penalty against ENG for holding on. FRA is being very patient and taking their opportunities when they can.

2:24PM: FRA gets their LO straightened out and the maul doesn’t go anywhere. Short pass to Mignot and FRA is on a break.

2:25PM: 8 phases and FRA has ADV for a dangerous tackle. No ADV and FRA has a penalty in the middle of the pitch.

2:26PM: Packer of ENG has made 14 tackles, the most in the match so far. Stunning!

2:27PM: Izar looks to tie with a penalty kick and it’s over. ENG 3 FRA 3 with 3 mins to go in the first.

2:28PM: It’s confirmed that Waterman is out with a concussion, her replacement Johnson will stay in her place. A big blow to ENG.

2:29PM: HT. ENG 3 FRA 3 – Low scoring but phenomenal match so far, can’t wait for the second half.

2:39PM: Second half is underway, FRA kicks off to ENG. 

2:40PM: ENG with their tails up in the early minutes of the second half. Tough chat a half time?

2:42PM: FK to FRA as ENG is early on the shove. FRA tap and go.

2:43PM: Marlie Packer has been everywhere on the pitch for ENG, a beast on offense and defense.

2:46PM: Little knock on by Jones and scrum to FRA.

2:47PM: OH MY! Scarratt picked a bouncing ball off the pitch and offloaded to Wilson but a knock on. Almost a TRY for ENG.

2:48PM: Scarratt again gathering a kick (she is also all over this pitch) and ENG is inside FRA 22m.

2:49PM: ENG forwards get to work, 6 phases and counting…

2:50PM: ENG is hammering away but FRA is standing strong. Just outside the white line now.

2:51PM: 16 phases, and referee calls out SHORT…

2:52PM: Offsides against FRA, they finally release to their backs, knocked on and come back for the penalty.

2:53PM: ENG learned from USA’s game, they will take a shot at goal.

2:54PM: Scarratt slides it over and ENG takes the lead. ENG 6 FRA 3.

2:55PM: FRA restart isn’t 10m, scrum to ENG on the 50m. Momentum seems to be shifting in favor of the Roses.

2:56PM: FRA with their first real possession in the 2nd half. Ladagnous goes straight up the middle.

2:57PM: FRA tries to clear but she brought it back across the 22m. ENG LO inside FRA 22m.

2:58PM: ENG handling is poor and another KO, scrum to FRA.

2:59PM: FRA’s N’Diyea caught for not rolling away, Scarratt will take another shot at goal.

3:00PM: Scarratt pulls it wide and FRA will have a 22m. ENG 6 FRA 3.

3:01PM: ENG back to their forward pattern, perhaps they should go to their backs to change it up?

3:02PM: 60m in and a TRY for ENG. They’ve broken the deadlock with their pick and go charges. ENG 13 FRA 3.

3:03PM: FRA LOs are struggling in this second half and they don’t have a platform to work from. 5 lost!

3:04PM: Finally FRA win their own LO and Ladagnous breaks the line. Now Corson is over the gain line.

3:05PM: Both teams making a few subs here, about 15 mins left.

3:06PM: Corson slips her first defender but meets Scarratt in defense. FRA looking better here…

3:07PM: FRA visits the ENG 5m for the first time in this half. Pass to Corson was on her back shoulder…

3:08PM: Abadie is almost over but ENG’s Reed stops a certain try. ENG is scrambling in defense.

3:09PM: TRY FRA!!!! Flag has stayed down but TMO will take a look.

3:10PM: Referee Cooper is happy with grounding but Jones drove her out, NO TRY! FRA worked so hard for that attempt.

3:11PM: ENG LO, they run it out to give a bit more space. McLean clears.

3:12PM: FRA with another issue at the LO, ENG steals. Mclean with another cross field kick.

3:13PM: FRA has all the pressure on them now, four WC semi-finals but they haven’t been in the Cup. Will it happen again?

3:14PM: Hockey subs for ENG, front row swap brings 200 caps to their front row…

3:15PM: Izar almost got away there but Jones with another crucial tackle!

3:16PM: With under 8 minutes, FRA need 10 points. A tall order against the defending champions. ENG 13 FRA 3.

3:17PM: FRA’s Le Pesq gets a small pop and outruns her cover tacklers. Amber Reed saves the day for ENG.

3:18PM: ENG on FRA’s 5m, another try would be the nail and the ticket to the final against NZL…

3:19PM: FRA steals after a KO, inside ball to Ladagnous and she tears down the pitch. McLean with a big thumping tackle to stop her!

3:20PM: ENG have done just enough this match to outlast FRA. FRA seems to always be the bridesmaid and never the bride.

3:21PM: An almost interception for Wilson! Scrum to FRA.

3:22PM: FT. ENG 20 FRA 3 – A brutal semi-final with over 300 tackles! ENG joins NZL in the #WRWC2017 Cup Final.

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