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Welcome to the Women’s Rugby Rundown for July 3-9. The Black Ferns have secured their spot in WXV 1, while Colombia has successfully qualified for WXV 3. Australia and Canada are expected to secure qualification for WXV 2 after their PAC 4 matches this weekend. The USA faces high stakes as they take on the reigning champions, the Black Ferns, with a victory ensuring their place in WXV 1. Meanwhile, a loss would still see them qualify for WXV 2. The anticipation grows as we eagerly await the outcome of the Italy versus Spain match on July 22, which will determine the final qualification spots.

In 7s news, France emerged victorious at the Hamburg 7s, securing a clean sweep of the European Championships. Meanwhile, Sweden and Romania clinched the final spots but will face relegation to the Trophy Series for 2024. In the European Trophy, Ukraine emerged as the winners, while Bulgaria and Moldova’s last-place finish relegated them to the Conference Series. Shifting our focus to the USA, it has been announced that the USA Club 7s National Championships will be held in Madison, Wisconsin on August 12-13. Additionally, the PR 7s makes a return this weekend with the Western Conference Finals set to take place in San Jose, CA.

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tl;dr: Women’s Rugby Rundown for July 3-9 saw the Black Ferns and Colombia qualify for WXV, Australia and Canada likely to qualify for WXV 2. USA’s match against Black Ferns determines placement. France dominates Hamburg 7s and European Championships. USA Club 7s Nationals in Madison, PR 7s returns in San Jose.

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Women’s Rugby News



  • The Wallaroos defeated the USA 58-17 [link]
  • Canada played in front of a record breaking crowd of 10,092 fans but eventually fell to the World Champions, the Black Ferns 52-21 [link]
  • Colombia defeated Brazil 30-19 in their final match and qualified for WXV 3 [link]
    • Earlier in the week Colombia squeaked by with a one point win 24-23 over Brazil [link]
  •  Japan defeated Spain 44-12 in a non-test [link]
    • Spain is preparing to face Italy for a spot in WXV 3 on July 22
    • Simon Middleton quietly joined Japan’s High Performance program [link]
  • The Black Ferns have secured their spot in WXV 1, while Canada and Australia are also likely to have qualified, leaving USA with a high chance of making it to WXV 2 unless they can pull off an upset against the reigning world champions this weekend [link]
  • We rebranded our weekly 60 second women’s rugby video to be the Women’s Rugby Rundown [link]

Premier & Club

  • Boland Dames stay in the South Africa’s Premier Division semi-final race with a thrilling 12-10 win, Border Ladies claim second place with a victory, and Bulls Daisies continue their dominant run with a century of points against EP Queens [link]



  • France won Hamburg 7s and with that take home the European Championship [link]
    • Sweden and Romania both took the final two spots again and will be relegated to the Trophy for 2024 [link]
  • Ukraine won the European Trophy while Turkey placed second and Georgia placed third [link]
    • Ukraine is promoted to the Championship while Bulgaria and Moldova’s last place finish relegates them to the Conference [link]


  • USA Club 7s Nationals will be in Madison, WI at the Wisconsin Rugby Sports Complex on August 12-13 [link]
  • PR 7s returns this weekend with the Western Conference Finals in San Jose, CA on July 15 [link]

Women’s Rugby Features

  • Brazil reflects on their unsuccessful attempt to qualify for the WXV [link]
  • The Black Ferns reached a historic 100 Test victories over the weekend [link]
  • Applications now open for 2023 World Rugby Level 3 Coaching Course [link]
  • Nathan Smith takes over as Head Coach of Loughborough Lightening [link]
  • Ashley Beck joins Worcester as an attack coach [link]
  • Dr Lydia Furse gives a brief history of France at the women’s Rugby World Cup, a country that has consistently entered one of the strongest teams [link]

Women’s Rugby Media

  • Hollie Davidson is highlighted by World Rugby as a trailblazer [link]

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