Erika Farias Moreno: A Trailblazer in USA Rugby

We’re excited to continue our new series, “Pioneers of the Pitch,” where we celebrate the groundbreaking athletes, administrators, coaches, referees and fans who’ve left their mark on rugby in the USA. Each installment takes you on a journey through the inspiring stories of rising stars and seasoned legends, both on and off the field. Join us as we shine a light on these exceptional individuals and uncover their tales of dedication, passion, and triumph.

Erika Farias Moreno’s journey as a rugby player has been nothing short of extraordinary, propelling her to new heights on the rugby stage. This summer, she took the field for the Texas Team in the prestigious Premier Rugby Sevens, showcasing her skills and determination on the big stage. But her rugby journey doesn’t end there; Erika’s impact extends to the Oregon Sports Union (ORSU), the University of Oregon and the Mexican National Team.

As a key player for ORSU, Erika’s prowess as a rugby athlete shines through every game. Her dedication and leadership earned her the role of a recruiting officer, passionately bringing in fresh talents to contribute to the growth of the sport she loves. In addition to her club endeavors, Erika dons the University of Oregon jersey, displaying her versatility and commitment to rugby at multiple levels.

Her journey hasn’t been without challenges. Erika faced a significant setback when she tore her shoulder’s AC last year, putting some of her aspirations of attending a tryout for the National Mexican 7s team in jeopardy. Nevertheless, her determination to control what she could and her unwavering focus on training, diet, and recovery allowed her to bounce back stronger than ever, proving her resilience as an athlete.

Erika’s unwavering passion for rugby is matched only by her desire to see the sport flourish in underrepresented communities. As a mentor and advocate, she dedicates her time to expanding rugby’s reach and nurturing young talents. Her vision for a more inclusive and thriving rugby landscape in the USA is evident in the countless hours she invests in promoting the sport she holds dear to her heart.

On and off the pitch, Erika’s impact is undeniable. Her presence inspires her teammates to push their limits, and her infectious enthusiasm fosters a sense of camaraderie among all players. As she continues to rise in the world of USA Rugby, her journey remains a beacon of inspiration for aspiring athletes and seasoned veterans alike. Erika’s story serves as a reminder that with passion, hard work, and a love for the game, the possibilities in rugby are boundless.

As Erika Farias Moreno continues to make her mark in USA Rugby, she solidifies herself as a true rising star. Her dedication to her team, her community, and her own growth as an athlete make her a trailblazer and a role model for the next generation of rugby players. With each match, she leaves an indelible mark on the sport she loves, and her unwavering commitment to rugby’s growth and diversity cements her as a true force to be reckoned with in the world of USA Rugby. Erika’s journey is a testament to resilience, passion, and determination, showcasing the immense potential of rising stars like her to shape the future of rugby in the United States.

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