WXV 2024: Unveiling Hosts, Qualification, and the Journey to WRWC 2025

World Rugby has officially announced the venues and outlined the qualification process for the upcoming WXV 2024 tournament, set to unfold across Canada, South Africa, and Dubai. The hosting bids from these locations prevailed over contenders, including bids from European unions such as France and Spain. The early announcement comes ahead of team qualifications and signifies the anticipation surrounding this year’s event.

The WXV 2024 tournament consists of three levels – WXV1, WXV2, and WXV3 – each hosting top-tier women’s international rugby. The qualification process, now confirmed, sheds light on the teams set to participate in each level. Notably, the Netherlands and Colombia will engage in a playoff to determine the final spot in WXV3, providing a unique dynamic to the competition.

All three tournaments are scheduled to run concurrently, featuring three rounds from September 27 to October 13:

  • Round 1: Friday, 27 – Sunday, 29 September
  • Round 2: Friday, 4 – Sunday, 6 October
  • Round 3: Friday, 11 – Sunday, 13 October

This year’s WXV tournament assumes added significance as it serves as a crucial pathway for teams to qualify for the Women’s Rugby World Cup 2025. Six coveted spots for the 2025 World Cup will be up for grabs, intensifying the competition and promising thrilling action on the field. 

World Cup Qualification Dynamics: Unpacking the Journey to England 2025

The tournament not only crowns champions for WXV but also determines the final qualifiers for the Women’s Rugby World Cup in 2025. Teams in WXV 1 and 2 automatically qualify, along with the winner and runner-up of WXV 3. The remaining spots will be filled through regional championships in Asia, Oceania, and Africa, and a South American playoff.

However, concerns and questions linger regarding the perceived lack of transparency and fairness in the qualification process. The scenario where the Netherlands might win the Rugby Europe Championship raises uncertainties, particularly regarding the potential exclusion of other South American teams. Critics argue that the qualification structure, with nine spots seemingly reserved for teams from closed competitions, favors specific regions and hampers inclusivity. Additionally, there’s a growing sentiment that qualification for the Rugby World Cup should be an open process, where any team, regardless of its current ranking, has a fair shot at competing. The current system is overly complicated and assumes that the “best” unions will naturally prevail, which may not always reflect the dynamic nature of the sport or give a fair chance to emerging teams.

A Call for Inclusivity and Equality

In the second consecutive year of Dubai hosting this monumental rugby event, concerns are raised again, especially considering the city’s known lack of support for LGBTQ+ individuals. Additionally, the limited rugby presence in Dubai, primarily revolving around the Dubai 7s, raises questions about the choice of venue for such a significant tournament. Prioritizing inclusivity and equality in sports is crucial, and future considerations should ensure that venues align with these values, creating a safe and welcoming environment for all participants.

World Rugby should consider the possibility of Madagascar hosting a WXV competition next year. The recent Africa Cup matches there saw outstanding attendance, with fans coming out on workdays and paying an entrance fee. Placing these events in locations where rugby already has a robust fan base could significantly enhance the tournament’s success and local engagement.

Madagascar took on Cameroon in the 2024 Africa Cup, drawing huge crowds.

2024 WXV Qualified Teams

Qualification for the 2024 WXV Tournament will happen across various events. See our explainer below for more details.

  • Netherlands became the first team to qualify for the 2024 WXV when they defeated Colombia 33-11 on March 16 in Amsterdam
  • England, France, Ireland, Italy and Scotland qualified through their placements in the Six Nations
    • Wales and Spain will duel in a WXV playoff on June 29
  • South Africa and Madagascar qualified due to their first place and runners up status from the Africa Cup
  • Canada qualified due to their placement in the Pacific Four Series

2024 WXV Qualifier Explainer

Past Results

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