WPL 2024 Unveiled: Celebrating 15 Years as USA Rugby’s Longest-Running Competition

Celebrating its 15th year, the Women’s Premier League (WPL) has released its 2024 schedule, solidifying its status as the longest-running competition in USA rugby history. This milestone reflects the league’s enduring commitment to providing a platform for elite female players and fostering the growth of women’s rugby across the nation.

All seven teams from the previous year have returned, underscoring a significant achievement. The format remains consistent, featuring teams playing home and away matches from April 27 to August 24. As the league reaches its apex, the top four teams in the standings will progress to the semifinals on September 7. The winners of these matchups will then vie for the Championship on September 14.

The WPL stands tall as the ultimate competition in women’s rugby in the United States, representing the highest level of competition for elite female players nationwide. Originating as a player-driven initiative, the league has evolved into a professionally managed entity, steadfastly dedicated to fostering excellence, inclusivity, and the overall growth of rugby. It serves as a source of inspiration for female athletes across the country.


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The competition kicks off two weeks later and concludes a month earlier compared to the 2023 schedule. This adjustment allows for a longer interval between league-wide byes, extended to four weeks from the previous three, and a shortened mid-season break. Given the seven-team structure, each team has a built-in bye in both halves of the season.

The final league-wide bye aligns with the USA Club Rugby 7s National Championship on August 10-11, addressing a potential conflict from the previous year. Teams and individuals now have the flexibility to participate in the event in Madison, Wis., without game-day conflicts. However, this also means no respite for players aiming to compete in both 7s and 15s.

The semifinal and final have been moved up by a month compared to the 2023 season, likely to accommodate the WXV, set to kick off on September 27-29 in three different countries. In the previous year, the WPL faced challenges as the WXV dates were unknown when the calendar was set, resulting in playoff conflicts with the USA’s U.K. and South Africa tours. With the 2024 schedule, such conflicts should be alleviated, ensuring teams have their top players available when it matters most.

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