USA Club 7s Rugby National Championships 2023: Pools Announced

The pools for the highly-anticipated 2023 USA Club 7s Rugby National Championships have been officially announced, featuring the top teams from all corners of the country. The event will take place in Madison, Wisconsin, on August 12-13.

Exciting news for fans who cannot make it to the venue in person! All matches of the tournament will be streamed for free on the official YouTube channel of USA Club Rugby and simulcast on RX. The streaming experience will be top-notch, as Next Level Rugby is handling on-site production with state-of-the-art professional viewpoints and commentators.


Tickets can be purchased at the gate for $5.

Women's Pools*

Pool A

Pool B

Pool C

Pool D

Scion**WACCamp PendletonChicago Lions
Atlanta 2.0Chicago N. ShoreSlaughterhousePhoenix (FL)
BostonSD SurfersHEBNoVa
CincinnatiLittle RockOregonDallas RFC

Men's Pools

Pool E

Pool F

Pool G

Pool H

NAVOld BlueSchuylkill RiverDenver Barbos
Life West (M)Belmont ShoreChicago Lions (M)STL Bombers
Dallas RFC (M)Oregon (M)Tennessee EliteMystic River
NoVaAustin HunsWAC (M)Beltway Elite


As an integral part of the commentary team, Wendy will be contributing her expertise to the event. We’ll be sharing score updates exclusively at the end of each day.

Stay up-to-date with all the latest scores and live schedule updates with this link. Additionally, for real-time live updates, make sure to check out RX.



Game #

Team 1


Team 2




8/129:00 AM1Atlanta 2.012Boston151Pool Play W
8/129:00 AM2Scion0Cincinnati282Pool Play W
8/129:20 AM3Chicago N. Shore26SD Surfers121Pool Play W
8/129:20 AM4WAC38Little Rock52Pool Play W
8/129:40 AM5Slaughterhouse10HEB101Pool Play W
8/129:40 AM6Camp Pendleton38Oregon52Pool Play W
8/1210:00 AM7Phoenix (FL)29NoVa51Pool Play W
8/1210:00 AM8Chicago Lions47Dallas RFC02Pool Play W
8/1210:30 AM9Life West (M)17Dallas RFC (M)51Pool Play M
8/1210:30 AM10NAV29NoVa52Pool Play M
8/1210:50 AM11Belmont Shore46Oregon (M)01Pool Play M
8/1210:50 AM12Old Blue15Austin Huns52Pool Play M
8/1211:10 AM13Chicago Lions (M)5Tennessee Elite141Pool Play M
8/1211:10 AM14Schuylkill River21WAC (M)142Pool Play M
8/1211:30 AM15STL Bombers12Mystic River101Pool Play M
8/1211:30 AM16Denver Barbos29Beltway Elite52Pool Play M
8/1212:00 PM17Scion0Boston281Pool Play W
8/1212:00 PM18Atlanta 2.012Cincinnati172Pool Play W
8/1212:20 PM19WAC17SD Surfers121Pool Play W
8/1212:20 PM20Chicago N. Shore27Little Rock52Pool Play W
8/1212:40 PM21Camp Pendleton26HEB51Pool Play W
8/1212:40 PM22Slaughterhouse7Oregon292Pool Play W
8/121:00 PM23Chicago Lions43NoVa01Pool Play W
8/121:00 PM24Phoenix (FL)37Dallas RFC52Pool Play W
8/121:30 PM25NAV29Dallas RFC (M)71Pool Play M
8/121:30 PM26Life West (M)17NoVa212Pool Play M
8/121:50 PM27Old Blue17Oregon (M)151Pool Play M
8/121:50 PM28Belmont Shore38Austin Huns52Pool Play M
8/122:10 PM29Schuylkill River24Tennessee Elite191Pool Play M
8/122:10 PM30Chicago Lions (M)14WAC (M)102Pool Play M
8/122:30 PM31Denver Barbos31Mystic River71Pool Play M
8/122:30 PM32STL Bombers22Beltway Elite142Pool Play M
8/123:00 PM33Scion0Atlanta 2.0281Pool Play W
8/123:00 PM34Boston20Cincinnati122Pool Play W
8/123:20 PM35WAC17Chicago N. Shore191Pool Play W
8/123:20 PM36SD Surfers36Little Rock52Pool Play W
8/123:40 PM37Camp Pendleton33Slaughterhouse01Pool Play W
8/123:40 PM38HEB24Oregon192Pool Play W
8/124:00 PM39Chicago Lions14Phoenix (FL)101Pool Play W
8/124:00 PM40NoVa17Dallas RFC192Pool Play W
8/124:30 PM41NAV31Life West (M)121Pool Play M
8/124:30 PM42Dallas RFC (M)29NoVa02Pool Play M
8/124:50 PM43Old Blue12Belmont Shore141Pool Play M
8/124:50 PM44Oregon (M)0Austin Huns262Pool Play M
8/125:10 PM45Schuylkill River17Chicago Lions (M)221Pool Play M
8/125:10 PM46Tennessee Elite21WAC (M)72Pool Play M
8/125:30 PM47Denver Barbos17STL Bombers101Pool Play M
8/125:30 PM48Mystic River14Beltway Elite222Pool Play M
8/139:00 AM49Atlanta 2.00Little Rock201Bowl Quarterfinal W
8/139:00 AM50SD Surfers28Scion02Bowl Quarterfinal W
8/139:20 AM51Dallas0Oregon221Bowl Quarterfinal W
8/139:20 AM52Slaughterhouse12NOVA172Bowl Quarterfinal W
8/139:40 AM53Life West10Oregon151Bowl Quarterfinal M
8/139:40 AM54Huns19NOVA102Bowl Quarterfinal M
 10:00 AM55Beltway Elite19WAC51Bowl Quarterfinal M
8/1310:00 AM56Chicago Lions26Mystic River102Bowl Quarterfinal M
8/1310:30 AM57Boston0WAC361Cup Quarterfinal W
8/1310:30 AM58Chicago NS52Cincinnati02Cup Quarterfinal W
8/1310:50 AM59Chicago Lions40HEB51Cup Quarterfinal W
8/1310:50 AM60Camp Pendleton17Phoenix02Cup Quarterfinal W
8/1311:10 AM61NAV22Old Blue01Cup Quarterfinal M
8/1311:10 AM62Belmont Shores19Dallas122Cup Quarterfinal M
8/1311:30 AM63Denver Barbos7Schuylkill River01Cup Quarterfinal M
8/1311:30 AM64Tennessee Elite7STL Bombers442Cup Quarterfinal M
8/1312:00 PM65Scion0Oregon281Shield Semifinal W
8/1312:00 PM66Atlanta 2.021Dallas102Shield Semifinal W
8/1312:20 PM67NOVA12Mystic River71Shield Semifinal M
8/1312:20 PM68Life West12WAC192Shield Semifinal M
8/1312:40 PM69SD Surfers27NOVA01Bowl Semifinal W
8/1312:40 PM70Little Rock5Slaughterhouse142Bowl Semifinal W
8/131:00 PM71Huns7Chicago Lions171Bowl Semifinal M
8/131:00 PM72Oregon0Beltway Elite212Bowl Semifinal M
8/131:30 PM73Cincinnati7Phoenix411Plate Semifinal W
8/131:30 PM74Boston12HEB72Plate Semifinal W
8/131:50 PM75Dallas10TN Elite121Plate Semifinal M
8/131:50 PM76Old Blue12Schuylkill River72Plate Semifinal M
8/132:10 PM77Chicago NS0Camp Pendleton241Cup Semifinal W
8/132:10 PM78WAC0Chicago Lions142Cup Semifinal W
8/132:30 PM79Belmont Shore14STL Bombers241Cup Semifinal M
8/132:30 PM80NAV19Denver Barbos142Cup Semifinal M
8/133:00 PM81Oregon24Atlanta 2.001Shield Final W
8/133:00 PM82NOVA7WAC142Shield Final M
8/133:20 PM83Chicago Lions19Beltway Elite241Bowl Final M
8/133:20 PM84SD Surfers34Slaughterhouse02Bowl Final W
8/133:40 PM85Phoenix26Boston51Plate Final W
8/133:40 PM86Cincinnati5HEB1227/8th Place W
8/134:00 PM87TN Elite0Old Blue221Plate Final M
8/134:00 PM88Dallas5Schuylkill River282Plate Consolation M
8/134:30 PM90Chicago NS14WAC1713/4th Place W
8/134:30 PM92Belmont Shore31Denver Barbos2423/4th Place M
8/135:00 PM89Camp Pendleton12Chicago Lions171Cup Final W
8/135:00 PM91STL Bombers10NAV122Cup Final M

*Please be informed that the women’s pools for the 2023 USA Club 7s Rugby National Championships have been subject to adjustments due to unforeseen circumstances. Unfortunately, Old Blue and Life West, despite qualifying for the tournament, will not be able to attend. The absence of these teams is a result of a scheduling conflict with a Women’s Premier League (WPL) match between Life West and New York, with New York players comprising a significant portion of the Old Blue team. The prioritization of the WPL match is a testament to the league’s dedication to elevating its status by embracing a semi-professional approach.

Efforts were made to find a solution through discussions between USA Club 7s Rugby and the teams, but regrettably, no viable resolution was reached. Both entities were unable to work around the clash of dates, leading to the unfortunate absence of Old Blue and Life West from the USA Club 7s Rugby National Championships.

**We’re disappointed to share that Scion’s participation in the event had to be withdrawn due to a roster concern involving an excess of “professional players.” Consequently, their matches in Pool A will be treated as byes.

Despite these setbacks, the tournament promises to showcase top-tier rugby action, and fans can still look forward to witnessing intense competition among the participating teams.

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