2022 USA Women’s Premier League (WPL)

The WPL returns this year with a spring schedule! Opening matches are Life West against North Shore, Atlanta sees Berkeley and Beantown has a bye. The league continues to be split into red and blue conference.

Championships will be June 24-26 in Lemont, Ill.








4/9/22Life West 28North Shore0 (forfeit)Blue Conference
4/9/22AtlantaForfeitBerkeley Blue Conference
4/9/22San Diego12New York23Red Conference
4/9/22ORSU17Colorado34Red Conference
4/16/22Life West17Beantown10Blue Conference
4/16/22Berkeley51Atlanta0Blue Conference
4/16/22New York50Amazons7Red Conference
4/16/22San Diego61ORSU12Red Conference
4/23/22Berkeley 40Life West 33Blue Conference
4/24/22AtlantaForfeitBeantown Blue Conference
4/23/22Colorado 76Amazons 27Red Conference
4/23/22ORSU17New York44Red Conference
4/30/22North ShorePostponedAtlanta Blue Conference
4/30/22Beantown15Berkeley12Blue Conference
4/30/22Amazons15ORSU10Red Conference
4/30/22Colorado60San Diego7Red Conference
5/7/22Atlanta ForfeitLife West Blue Conference
5/7/22Beantown 64North Shore 6Blue Conference
5/7/22San Diego 23Amazons 22Red Conference
5/7/22New York 15Colorado 0Red Conference
5/14/22North Shore0Life West107Blue Conference
5/14/22BerkeleyPostponedAtlanta Blue Conference
5/14/22New York34San Diego19Red Conference
5/14/22Colorado71ORSU0Red Conference
5/21/22Beantown Life West Blue Conference
5/21/22North Shore Berkeley Blue Conference
5/21/22Amazons New York Red Conference
5/21/22ORSU San Diego Red Conference
5/28/22Life West Berkeley Blue Conference
5/28/22Beantown Atlanta Blue Conference
5/28/22Amazons Colorado Red Conference
5/28/22New York ORSU Red Conference
6/4/22Atlanta North Shore Blue Conference
6/4/22Berkeley Beantown Blue Conference
6/4/22ORSU Amazons Red Conference
6/4/22San Diego Colorado Red Conference
6/11/22Life West Atlanta Blue Conference
6/11/22North Shore Beantown Blue Conference
6/11/22Amazons San Diego Red Conference
6/11/22Colorado New York Red Conference
6/24-26/22Lemont, Ill   Championships


Past Results

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