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Rugby World Cup 2021 Europe Qualifier 2nd round matches TOMORROW!

@Federugby v @IrishRugby at 8am CST
@ferugby v @Scotlandteam at 11am CST

How to watch, rosters and more: https://bit.ly/39bDoGL

Step 1. Fall asleep while scrolling to find the women’s jersey

Step 2. Find it but only available in XS. And only 3 total.

Step 3. …

Step 4. Put the canwnt name on the men’s jersey that the canwnt doesn’t wear… no thanks.

Step 5. 🗣🤯🥇

Olympic GOLD Medalists.

Listen… the sentiment of star rugby players like Paul O’Connell and Johnny Sexton is there and it’s nice to see their support of the women’s game; however, do they *have* to pull the, ‘I have a daughter’ card everytime ? 🙃

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